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Prodigal Son

I’ve been chosen by God to stand before u and ask. Are u hungry for something? Are u thirsty for something but don’t know what it is? Are u trying to satisfy ur life with things and false promises of the world?
I want to tell u a story as it was revealed to me by the power and Holy spirit of God! Told by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ from the book of Luke chapter 15 verses 11-32. A story of a father and two sons. My name is Aubrey Delashmit and this is the story of the Prodigal Son.

There was a man that had 2 sons. The younger son came to his Father, Father give me my share of the estate. I want it now! So the father divided his property between the 2 sons.

Not long after that the younger son gets together all that he had. In his rebellion heaed for some city. The dropping off point use to be in America the west coast, the east coast or New york. Their all looking for something but can’t find it. Oh if I could get to California I’m gonna find everything I’ve been searching for. But they don’t find it. But this young fellow did find it! He found it for a short time. He wanted to get away from the boredom of the country. He liked the city with it’s bright lites and thriving life style.U see bordem has always been a problem. This young man was bored as well as restless at home.

When he got to the big city he wasted his inheritence. The bible says on wild living! When he got there with all that money he found alot of friends. He was the toast of the young social set. They took him into the crowd because he had money, beautiful girls on each arm. He probally drove the best automobile. He had everything and he attracted Friends. But then a depression came, a recession came, he lost his money! He gambled alot of it away, he drank it away. The woman got alot if it. And soon he found out he didn’t have any money left. And when his money was gone. He had no friends. He went from friend to friend trying to get a job. He couldn’t find a job! Nobody was intrested in helping a friend as broke as he was. He searched far and wide. U see the day of rekoning always comes. He had rebelled against his father. Rebelled against his family. He had rebelled against God! Now he’s paying the price and the scripture says he began to be in want. When a man leaves God his troubles began! Sometimes it’s a long process. Sometimes it’s a quick process. He ran out of money, his friends left him, he was worth nothing. No home, no money, no friends, no job and it’s impossible for us who were created for eternity. Able to find anything in this world to satisfy our souls! The Bible says in Pslams 23. Those who know the lord, I Shall Not Want! His spirit, his soul was wanting. He was restless and alone without God! U see the human soul is so large. That the world can not fill it. The Bible says in Matthew 16: Verse 26. What would it profit a man, If he shall gain the whole world but lose his own soul! Ur soul , ur spirit, living in your body which u are responsible. Is more important than the whole world. God made u in his image and u are important to God! God loves u no matter what ur failures are. He sent his son to die on the cross for u! He suffered and died in ur place! [ Pause ]

So this young man’s body was in want, his spirit was in want and his mind was in want! Why, because the slavery of sin! The bible says in John 8: verse 34. Everyone who sins is a slave to sin!

Well the young man finally got a job. And became a slave of a farmer who owned a farm raising Pigs. So he got a job feeding the Pigs! You see he walked out of displine of his father and now he’s a slave to a stranger! U can’t be neutral ur either a servant of God or a slave of Satan! The Bible says in Luke 16: verse 13. No servant can serve two masters. For he will hate the one and love the other or else he will hold to the one and despise the other. You can not serve God and money! But if u want a challenge that will payoff a million times in this life and the one to come. Give ur life to Christ! March under his flag! March shoulder to shoulder with those who have committed there lives to Christ!

Well this young man thought he had it all. Now he’s feeding pigs. He looks like a pig, he grunts like a pig. He fights with the pigs over food! He’s become discouraged. He’s decided he probally ought to commit suicide! U sink real low morally. When u try and follow the Devil. But the Bible says the young man came to himself. So this young man said I’ve sinned against heaven. He admitted that the fault was not God’s! Then he began to think about his father. He thought my fathers servants that he hired get more to eat and live a better life than I do right now! If i could just go back and be a servant of my father. If he would just let me do that. So the scripture says he said to himself I will arise and go! So this young man had rebelled. He was regretful for it. He had reflected on it. He repented about it! Now he decides to go home and we see him walking toward home!
What had his father been doing all this time. The father still loved him and every afternoon when the work day was over and the sun was setting in the west. The father would go out on the porch and whatch down the road. Praying for his son, thinking about his son, loving his son wanting his son to return. After time had passed everybody else had given up. The father was still loving him. He knew his son was spending his money and time on wild living. But the Father loved him in spite of all that!
One evening he looked down the road and saw somebody coming. He thought to himself. That looks like Aubrey! But it couldn’t be! But he walks like him! With the sun going down. The father rushed out a little bit. To where he could see better and as he looked closer he saw this boy stumbling towards him in rags, dirt and filth! The father ran to him. Threw his arms around him! And the boy had made up this speech he was gonna give to his father. He was gonna say, Father I’ve sinned against heaven, I’ve sinned against u I don’t deserve to be your son! Please give me a job as a hired servant! But he didn’t give out his speech at all. He just got the first part of it out. The father had engulfed him in his arms and the tears were streaming down both there cheeks as father and son came together! [ pause ]….

That’s a picture of God tonight with u! God is waiting on u! God is waiting with Love , He Loves u! He’ll put his arms around u! The Bible says in Proverbs 18: verse 24. There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother!
But the father didn’t care what he had done. The father ordered a robe be put on him and ordered a ring be put on his finger to give him authority as a son! He said ur not gonna be my servant, ur gonna be my son! Ur my son and I Love u! I forgive u! Welcome Home and they began to rejoice! God is saying tonight ur my son come, come home!

Then the older brother. He was out in the field. He heard the dancing. He heard the music. He said what’s going on! They said ur Brother that was lost has come home. He became very angry! And the Father went out and tried to appease him. He said father I’ve been here all the time .U never gave me a party! You never killed the fatted calf for me! Look what ur doing for this boy who’s gone out there a lived a life like that! And the Father said u’ve always been my son!

U have two lost boys here! One was outside the home. The other was inside the home! U can be inside the church and have the wrong attitude. U can be inside the church and still not belong to the Father! You can be inside the church and still not have the right Love for Christ that u should have!

In 1986, after years of wild living, drugs and alcohol. I found myself in a rehab in Mobile Ala. I was there 42 days. On the last day I recieved a letter from my Precious Grandmother! Telling me no matter what u’ve learned there. U will not make it in this world today if u don’t have Jesus in ur Life! She said the answers in God’s word! Read Romans !0:13… [ Quote it ] I fell to my knees and ask Jesus into my Life! After I recieved Jesus as Savior. I wondered how could someone as bad as I was be forgiven of so much! Then he revealed a scripture to me thru the holy spirit that has comforted me for 30 years! 1 Corth 6: verse 11……. Finish story as lead….. Read the where are u?

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